Pi Real Estate — Real estate in Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro and CIS countries for freely convertible cryptocurrency.

Pi Real Estate — Real estate in Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro and CIS countries for freely convertible cryptocurrency.

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Pi Real Estate is ready to offer a wide range of services related to real estate transactions of any complexity. By coming to us, you have the opportunity to get detailed advice from professional brokers, to be aware of the real prices for office, commercial and residential real estate. Our company owns its own database of various objects in various countries. If you have any questions related to the purchase or rental of housing, our specialists are ready to answer them and advise on any issues that arise during the purchase of real estate. We value each of our clients as well as our reputation, so any services will be provided as comfortably and transparently as possible.

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Interested in our offers, or you want to get an individual selection of an object for your needs, leave your contact details in the form, and our specialist will contact you within 5 minutes! You can also contact us directly by Email ask@pirealty.eu



The sender and recipient of the transaction can remain anonymous.

Settlement speed

Transactions are carried out faster than with a traditional bank transfer.

Lower percentages

The minimum commission compared to the transfer of funds through banks.

Sustainable prices

The cryptocurrency exchange rate is not tied to the fluctuations of fiat currencies.

Questions and answers

Below we have answered the questions that most often arise from our clients who want to buy real estate for cryptocurrency.

What kind of housing can I buy with bitcoins?
We offer various real estate objects (apartments and apartments in residential complexes, villas, houses) that you can purchase for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Will you help me sell the property?
Of course it’s real! All you need to do is contact us, provide full information about your facility and discuss all the details of the transaction.

Do I need to pay tax when buying real estate for crypto?
No, in this case, you will not have to pay any additional tax. We use the cryptocurrency payment method as a secure way to transfer money abroad.

Should I pay the entire amount in cryptocurrency?
We help to purchase real estate for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Everscale or EUPi. You can pay any percentage of the cost of an apartment, villa or land plot in these types of cryptocurrencies.

We will advise you on any problems. If you have questions, write them to the mail ask@pirealty.eu

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